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The foundation of our heat detection systems used with fire suppression systems is our Configurable Detection and Release System.  Each control system can support up to two separate fire suppression systems.  This system allows custom programming unique to a specific hazard and can be factory programmed for large quantity programs.

The compact Operator Interface Panel (OIP) is installed in easy reach of the driver or co-driver providing visual indication of the system status and allowing for manual activation of the fire suppression system.  A handheld programmer can be connected to the OIP to upload a custom program, download the existing program, or download history.

The brain of the system is the Central Control and Distribution panel (CCD).  This component is the hub for all field wiring plus provides up to 30 minutes of power backup in the event of primary power failure.  The microprocessor controlled logic maintains constant supervision of all circuits sending appropriate signals to the OIP in the event of a fire or system trouble.  It also maintains a history of events to assist is troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Programmable spot heat detectors allow custom detector configuration of up to 8 detectors per system.  Each detector can be programmed as a fixed temperature detector with the temperature programmed for the specific location of the detector.  The detector can be programmed as a rate-of-rise set to the specific temperature rise needed for the protected area.  In addition each detector can be programmed as a combination fixed temperature AND rate-of-rise requiring the detector to reach a specific temperature before the rate-of-rise setting to avoid an unwanted system discharge if the detector is in an area that can experience rapid temperature increases such as an engine compartment.  For rapid heat detection each detector can be programmed as fixed temperature OR rate-of-rise to assure detection of a slow growth fire.

Linear fixed temperature heat detection with temperature settings of either 356°F or 280°F is also available and up to 100 feet can be connected to the initiating circuit of the control panel.  An optional protective wound steel sleeve can be installed when used in areas such as wheel wells to protect the linear detector from damage caused by flying rocks and gravel.

A manual system activation switch with a guarded toggle switch can be incorporated in the control system to activate the fire suppression system remotely.

An optional transport/maintenance switch can be installed in the release circuit to prevent an unwanted system discharge by disabling the release circuit while performing maintenance on the vehicle or during transportation of the vehicle.

When the need arises for a rugged stand-alone fire detection and release system Amerex offers the Autonomous Panel.  This unit can control two separate fire suppression systems using linear fixed temperature heat detection and/or remote manual activation.  An internal battery provides up to three years of service before the battery needs to be replaced.  Circuits as well as the internal battery are supervised.  A locked and guarded maintenance switch allows the system to be disabled while being maintained or transported to avoid inadvertent system discharges.  The test switch provides a simple pre-mission system test to assure the system is ready.

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